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How to Use PayPal for Sending and Receiving Money

  For anyone who has purchased or sold online or who have online transaction addicted – PayPal is the best way for them. With putting a little effort you can send and Receive Money at your comfort zone without consuming time. This has become a most popular process for a merchant to sending and receiving […]

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Way to Optimize Your Site for Google Mobile Site Index 

  Google is rolling out Mobile first indexing, probably, you heard about Google mobile first indexing or not. So let know, what is Google mobile indexing and where it play a vital role. Google Mobile first indexing Defined:-   The Main reason for introducing mobile site indexing is that Google discovers that most of the […]

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Whether you are a perfect blogger or a newbie blogger, but your main aim to make your blogger career perfect and profitable, which is possible if you make your blogger effective, communicable, readable, understandable and fruitful for the viewer but do you think so that these are the enough things to make your blogging career? […]

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There are many of people or employees who like to work remotely but remotely working is not the safest way to work because when you work remotely then possibility of attacks gets  increase. And it can harm your personal and valuable data. So, now the thing is that how to keep your information safe whenever […]

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  Android is one of the most powerful Operating system using mobile phones from low-end ones to high end. The most reason behind that is its Application compatibility and availability of handy android apps in the market easily. The most benefit of android phones is you can run all the apps or even whole mobile […]

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Payment Gateways is a very important element of every eCommerce business to make the online transaction in a safe and secure way and the best getaway is the one which allows the customer to do online traction without a bit of fear of transaction failure or fraud. CCAvenue is a South Asia’s largest payment gateway […]

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ICICI Payseal Payment Gateway

Tue 22 Dec 2015


3:00 pm

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The ICICI bank is the India’s largest Private bank, which have more than 2000 branches across the India. And provide a large scale banking services to the users. Payseal is a Payment Gateway system, provided by the ICICI bank to accept secure online Credit cards payment transaction over the internet. It can process Visa and […]

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  A few week back Google began rolling out the latest update to their Search Engine Algorithm called Panda.  Google has become very mysterious about an update to its Algorithms. And this mysterious can make a huge effect on companies’ website search ranking and returns also.  Google employees initially said that this update was just […]

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  Not only searching infect you can do lots of things using Google search. Most of the people sue Google search everyday but still I am sure that people still don’t know lot’s of tricks which Google has hidden inside. Here is an overview of some of the interesting, useful and amazing Google search tricks. […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts, F1 to F12 and Many More

  Shortcuts keys provide an easier and quicker method of navigating and executing a command on a computer. But still most of the peoples are aware with the best time-saving shortcuts on the keyboard. Most of the shortcuts keys accessed by using of Alt key, Ctrl key, Shift key, and the very important the Function […]

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