Every computer user has inbuilt software for copy paste Documents, files, music, images, PDF from one location to other or from one device to another device like computer to DC/DVD or Computer to Pen Drive or from Pen drive to Computer. But many of the time users felt that copying bigger documents take time […]

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It’s a one the most typical Question for the iPhone users because sending data from iOS device to computer or computer to iOS device is little bit typical compare to android. Here we are gathered few of tools which enable iPhone users to transfer all files such as movies, songs, videos, ringtones, PDF, camera roll […]

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  Everyone is familiar with the term SEO (Search engine optimization) and as well as with its importance also that how much important it is for a website. it’s  an identified fact that SEO is undergoing speedy changes and cause of which many of websites get down in Google ranking because SEO person still using […]

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Never DO this thing with you Computer

You do lots of things unintentionally with your PC and you have no idea  that this all can make your PC’s life shorter and as well as creates lot’s of problem inside which id invisible for you but it reflects on speed, working and many more thing of PC. SO here we are describing you […]

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One of the major and biggest problems facing by the bloggers is the lack of traffic on their website. This is really hard to get but DO you have ever wondered that why this happen that after doing everything in a right manner still your site is falling behind? Why most of the blogger fails […]

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Blogging is become a trend for people nowadays, every online user wants to do this because of its immense benefits. Earlier days Blogging was not that many popular people just use for sharing their thoughts and views online but now day’s blogging has become a tool to make money online and to promote business and […]

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Payment Gateways is a very important element of every eCommerce business to make the online transaction in a safe and secure way and the best getaway is the one which allows the customer to do online traction without a bit of fear of transaction failure or fraud. CCAvenue is a South Asia’s largest payment gateway […]

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ICICI Payseal Payment Gateway

Tue 22 Dec 2015


3:00 pm

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The ICICI bank is the India’s largest Private bank, which have more than 2000 branches across the India. And provide a large scale banking services to the users. Payseal is a Payment Gateway system, provided by the ICICI bank to accept secure online Credit cards payment transaction over the internet. It can process Visa and […]

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Deadly Mistakes in Website Design to Avoid

  Every Enterprise has their Website for Increase the productively or Marketing. But do you know that there are many of goof mistakes, Websites designers make at the time of designing the website? And these silly and tiny mistakes affect the goodwill of enterprise in the market, and the important thing is that enterprise is […]

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How to Reduce Startup Time of Computer

  Many of time it happens that we get fed up with our computer performance and especially when we star up our computer. Do you also have the same problem with your computer that it takes too much time to get a start? And you wants to minimize it but have no clue that how […]

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