Android privacy control feature now Google remove slowly

Fri 3 Jan 2014


11:45 am

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Android privacy control feature now Google remove slowly

Google now remove the privacy feature software from the android phone like as address book data & user location. The new updated Smartphone 4.2.2 of android that is most popular in the market & released in this weak & there is a privacy option that there is only on certain app user can run their informative data. The chairman of Smartphone said that this is the suspicious situation but we make better & add some smart privacy feature for the improvement.

Now it’s the risk for the android user that now they cannot take both feature in the upgraded Smartphone, user has to choose one from security or privacy but not both. Now those application are run only the basis on privacy setting for them user put their Smartphone on the risk. For that user is to use of third party feature & from that user secure itself their data. The third party software is too made by other company.

The access of this software is in the hidden format. Privacy is the important matter for the Smartphone so that they remove this problem vastly as well. So put on the track for the web user Smartphone use some special effect in it.

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