Create your desired designs with “Map me” and make smart wallpapers

Thu 7 Aug 2014


9:00 am

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map me

Those persons who use Google nexus 5 for them a customized service Google workshop is being ready. With the help of this new tool customers will get chance to make their smart phone with smart designs and make creativity. According to news of media customers can prepare new and creative and attractive wallpaper according to their geographic location and by using customization. To make new designs you can select a place on map and can add text and color to that place to make it attractive. In this way you can make attractive designs wallpapers by clicking their own pictures and adorn with new designs. You can make your selfi attractive wallpaper by applying new designs and smart app features.

At one side you can get very smart wallpapers for your smart phones and even your creativity will also increase. Customization service that is known for moments and Google nexus users can upload any kind of image and can include it in phone design wallpapers. Smartphone are not only confines to provide you smart services even it is being proofing their help to increase the creativity of users. Well this app is known as Map me. When it will use then to make live home screen and automatically will accept present data of weather and location.

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