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Thu 21 Aug 2014


6:28 am

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There are many tools available that can speed up your website and web design tools are also available that will display the information in graphical way thereby no need to scroll more and easily on a single page you can see the information. If you ever think about it that how can I make info graphic colors then this blog can help you to prepare information as graphic.

Infographics tools come Useful in:

Marketing – for creating visual appealing reports

Journalists – in presenting recent trends

Bloggers – to highlight the main points

Teachers – To create articles on the subjects

Students – Preparing study materials

Creating Infographics Helps you in:

Present annual reports and corporate communication

To attract inbound marketing traffic

To bring awareness/disseminate information

Present a case study

Teaching guide

Some useful infographic tools

Many developers do so much effort to create infographic tools that will idea you to create cooler designs. This is also the case that not everyone is expert to using infographic tools to create high level graphic tools of web design. Some name of popular infographic tools-

  • Piktochart

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