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Thu 14 Aug 2014


7:09 am

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Web designing has been an interesting theme to work on it and every day new challenges make this more motivating. Some free EBooks are here that will help web designers to hone their skills in web designing.

1. The elements of typographic style applied to the web

This ebook on typography begins tracing with the complete description of typography and evolution in the artistic aspects. This ebook covers all the aspects of spectrum typography in brief.

2. Designing for web

This eBook explores all the nuances of web designing clearly according to the principles of graphic designing. This book is covering all the matter of graphic designing in 5 broad sections and each section briefly describe you all the principles of web designing thereby any web designer can adopt the ability to understand it. The matter laid out in these 5 sections adorn with smart techniques that will help you to create smart designs. This book forces on layout, color theme and typography that explore your skills.

3. Scalable and modular architecture of CSS

This ebook is helps you to explore your style based skill. This is also known as SMACSS in short and lucid exploration of techniques is helpful to you design a great style based web pages.

Some more Ebooks names are given below:-

  • Learning web designing
  • HTML5 quick learning guide
  • How to be creative
  • Getting real
  • Pixel perfect precision handbook
  • Just ask: integrating accessibility throughout design

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