Samsung gear live and its best features

Tue 19 Aug 2014


6:34 am

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As soon Samsung smart watch will launch. This Smart watches will work on Google’s android platform but still is not launched. A foreign website has leaked new look of this Smart watch. This new Smart watch is looking enough decent and looks like Samsung gear watch 2. Tizen name is given to the operating system of Smart watch. Smart watch of Samsung gear live can be connecting with any android smart phone. Price of this watch would be 12000. Very soon this watch will launch in market.

Features of smart watch

1. As soon you will connect your Smart watch with your Smart phone then all the notifications of Smartphone will be shown on your Smart watch.

2. The hand band of Smart watch is of rubber and it can be exchanged with any rubber.

3. There is a pedometer in a smart watch that will inform you that how long you will access your destination.

4. This watch is more heavy, wider and

5. After once charge you do not need to charge it again, this is the companies’ guarantee.

6. This watch contains a heart rate monitor and it keep look of your health.

7. Screen of smart watch is good and sharp. It is like a mini Smartphone.

8. To display any information watch uses virtual card.

9. You can set different theme for your Smart watch home screen to make its look more attractive.

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