Still Facebook keep their platform on top for social networking…

Thu 2 Jan 2014


10:56 am

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Still Facebook keep their platform on top for social networking

It’s the most changing year from previous year that over the age of 65 or older use Facebook to connect their friend, family, children and grandchildren also. As earning purpose concern Facebook also a useful tool for the companies. The percentage of Facebook in teenagers is 84% but this year it grows more.

From the survey report it is found that the Facebook sign in by senior citizen is 10% is increases more than previous year. It means this year the percentage is 45%. On the site of it also new group are developed of many age level.

Even the percentage 18-29 age group is decreases 2% from previous year. The reason of decreasing 18-29 age groups Facebook sign in because of private messaging as like whatsapp, hike, snap chat etc. Every person use Facebook for the same purpose, in research it is found that 40% people use Facebook for other intention. So all over the utilization of Facebook not reduces even it increases in many segment along different reason.

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