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Our company "Novel Web Creation" is stands for quality assurance, in all over the world.

Improving the process & monitoring for quality assurance these are two important processes in the quality assurance. It makes sure that the development of projects will be proficient based on the properly pre instructed standards, provision, and features requisite, this will be having without any error, defect and problems. That seems tried to get better development process from the starting of the project to ensure this, & it's oriented to "avoidance".

Project or application testing is leaning to 'detection'. It does examine a program or a system under illegal terms & conditions.

We offering you three type of solution in the quality assurance & testing-

  • Core solution
  • Specialized solution
  • Ready test solution

Advantages when you connected with the novel web creation-

  • Strategic Test Process Consulting
  • Innovative Solutions and Frameworks
  • Our main focus on Technology based Testing
  • Approach, People and Technology (APT) methodology adopted for better performance and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced production defects by 80% with more than 99% test effectiveness
  • Major reduction in testing cycle
  • Increased productivity by 70%
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced operational costs