Determine & solve your cash flow problem of business

Fri 11 Apr 2014


10:02 am

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Determine & solve your cash flow problem of business

In small businesses mostly the cash flow problem is occur & the most important causes of this issue is you do not find issue within a time period. Here are some common problem of this issue is described-

  • The first and important issue is that you keep negative gross profit margin & its affect your company profit. The solution of this issue is keeping individual the product quality and price don’t mix up & modify of those product prices which have low price.
  • Eliminate the overhead expense from your business, only which expenses are necessary in them spend their money
  • In small business not allow the 30 to 60 days pay an invoice because it increase the bad debts on your company
  • Too much unused inventory in your business book show the mismanagement of your company so keep it up clean & create a brand image in the market.

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