Facebook Tricks you Probably Don’t Know, but You Should Know

Mon 7 Dec 2015


6:29 pm

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Facebook is a most popular social site for today’s digital era. Most of us use Facebook almost every day for doing pretty such things like updating status, for checking out friend’s status or profile, uploading and downloading of images and mostly for cheating purpose but do you ever notice that there are many of features providing by Facebook, but these all are still hidden from most of us.

Here we are providing hidden Facebook Tricks you Probably Don’t Know but You Should Know for making your Facebook time more interesting for you.

1.    We always wish from Facebook that it may provide us the last visitor’s name of our profile, who visited our profile. But there are no ways provide by Facebook, by which we can see our last visitor. But now you can complete your wish by the following trick

Go to your profile page and press Ctrl+ U by your keyboard for opening the code of your profile.

Now press Ctrl+ F for opening Find Box, now write {“list”:  in the find box.

You will find some of the digits or profile code after this word {“list”:

Copy this digit and go to new tab and type WWW.Facebook.com/profile code or digit

2.    For making some Fun and showing your status cool and attractive, you can change the font of your status. Yes, by default Facebook provides only 1 Font option but for changing the font you can use this Facebook Font Page Changer. Write your status in this and copy from here and copy in your status update box.

3.    If you want to do some prank with your buddies then use this following tricks, it will surely make your friends Disturbing and confused.

For doing this open the conversation box

Hold down the alt key and the type “0173” and then press enter

You can’t imagine how curious your friend will get to know that what you have sent. It will be an interesting prank.

4.    Get annoyed with the unnecessary advertisement on a Facebook page? Do you want to remove these all? But don’t know how to do this? Then thanks to Google that it gives you the solution for this problem. Use Facebook AdBlock Extension and make blocking these all advertisement real easy.

5.    If you want to read some post but have no time to read then you can mark it as a Save link options from the right left corner of the post and by doing this it will save in save linked option from where you can see this anytime you want.




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