Hike replaces best features for the blackberry apps experience

Sun 8 Dec 2013


12:44 pm

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Hike replaces best features for the blackberry apps experience

If you see the present technological market every person is engaged with the technology.  In of them technology is every day invented new & new product for the customer. From the hike messenger everyone is familiar but the first version is not up to the mark of Hike that hike website admitted, even that first version is not fruitful for the blackberry.

So that hike apologize their mistake & learn fast & update hike app along the best quality & features. Now hike is also available for the blackberry version from OS 5 to 7 and excluding BB10.  The centric area of hike creator is Indian market that’s why they add mostly features along Indian market. It’s the different from other because by this you can send text message to other person even that person not installed this app. If we see the survey report of Indian market 30 percent of traffic load message in free text SMS. To keep close with the friend hike team also added in stickers, emoticons and many more features. So you can say that it is best technological app to keep close with privacy layer.

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