How to choose Right WordPress Templates?

Wed 27 Nov 2019


3:13 pm

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how to choose a wordpress template

WordPress is a platform where we get the overwhelming number of themes to choose from it. If you are choosing the theme then you can able to spend a couple of the weeks just looking through thousands of the themes. Only to select one and later figure out that it doesn’t work or look the ways you want it to do. Therefore the checklist is for you to not spend so much time picking the right and appropriate theme.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive

Mobile Friendly website

It is necessary that you should make sure that the theme is responsive. Consider that website design is mobile friendly. Nowadays there are many people who are now spending around 69% of their time on mobile just browsing the internet, optimizing for the mobile should be your number one priority. According to a study which is done in the year 2018, Google says that 61% of the people that had trouble getting on a non-mobile-friendly website are unlikely to ever return. As well as Google also won’t be sending your traffic to your website.

WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugins

Whenever you are choosing the theme make sure that the theme is supported by the plugins. There are sometimes when the themes do not come with everything that you want like a calendar or even a contact form. This is the place where the plugins come in and save you many hours of the hard coding something that might not even work in WordPress development.


Function over the Fashion

Check is the theme is up to date? There are many beautiful themes to choose from but if the theme has not been updated in a while then stay away from it. Therefore throughout the year, WordPress is constantly updating.  If your themes do not keep up with these updates you will need to end up by spending your money on something that doesn’t even work.

Do not try to choose a bloated theme. Having cool features on your website might seem like a good idea but it could be eventually hurt your site. Because it could slow down your site which lowers your rank on Google and could potentially cause a security breach since most of the code for these fancy features is found online.

Why do you need a Website?

why do you need website

It is necessary to consider that your theme should match your website’s purpose. There are a lot of people who get distracted by the way a theme after it has been choosing. Each and every website is made up of different purposes. Thus it can be for a simple blog or e-commerce website or website designing company. You would want a theme that has a good selection of the fonts for a blog site. It same happens with the e-commerce site that you should want and make it easier for the customers to buy something.

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