How to Write Eye Catcher Meta Description for SEO

Fri 25 Nov 2016


3:37 pm

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How to Write Eye Catcher Meta Description for SEO

Meta Description tags are HTML element which provides crucial information about web pages. Meta description enhancing click-through rates from search engine results so that you need to focus on to write eye catcher Meta description for Seo because of that visitor click on your web pages. The main pursuit of to keep Meta description to get more clicks and audience attention as the properly reveal what about your web page so that chance grows to convert audience to generate lead and new visitor on your website.

Because when a visitor gets SERP then they only dare to click on top 3-5 links, only a few of visitor make efforts to scroll lower for check the results because lower scrolls mean lower explore. This is why eye catcher Meta description is crucial especially when you want webpage right on the top of the Search Engine Result Page.

Search engines                 don’t only ranking of web page accordingly algorithm, in fact, Search engine uses CTR (Click through Rate) to determine whether your result is worth to be on top most. When more and more people click on your web pages and this will possible only if your Meta description is an eye catcher.

Here some tips for good Meta description which will grow your page ranking:-

Keep Meta Description short under 160 characters 

You should write a Meta description under 160 characters, it should not be lengthy.  If you will then Google will dislodge long description so that which you included might be cut out altogether, so be conscious while writing a Meta description.  When you will keep your Meta description under 160 characters then you will deliver the searchers effectively, whatever you want.

If somewhere you unable to explore the length of Meta description then you can use SEOMofo for check Meta description.

Writing unique Meta description

Meta description must be unique because of it a crucial message of your web page, which you want to show to a visitor. If you will keep duplicate Meta description, then you might be penalized for that and visitor can’t reach out on your site cause of hypocrisy.  You can use tool to explore duplicity of Meta description by Screaming Frog SEO Spider that will help you to keep your Meta description unique.









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