New SEO Tactics to Avoid Google Downranking in 2016

Wed 27 Jan 2016


5:54 pm

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Everyone is familiar with the term SEO (Search engine optimization) and as well as with its importance also that how much important it is for a website. it’s  an identified fact that SEO is undergoing speedy changes and cause of which many of websites get down in Google ranking because SEO person still using that earlier technique and not aware of the new SEO tactics.

So for now, in This New year, you have to prepare yourself for new SEO moves which will help you to avoid the traps of earlier SEO. Here are following Points you should follow in 2016 so by you can get good rank for your website.

1.    Anchor texts

Anchor text can get panelized you if you are not using that in a proper manner because according to 2016 SEO updates you should opt to have just 5 to 10 links to a wide variety of anchor text.

2.    Targeting single page

If you target a single or specific page for rank on Google then it gives a more fruitful result to you. So use a good link profile for boosting SEO, it’s an important ranking factor for your website.

3.    Content creation is Food for website

According to panda algorithm, if your websites’ content is poor or copies from somewhere then the page can get panelized by Google. So the cause of this you need to publish Quality content.

4.    Get engage with social media

Social media is one of the powerful ways to get high rank because it’s the way via you can get in touch with your customer and can get a high traffic on your page and when traffic gets higher then no doubt the Google rank also get an increase.

5.    Mediate Ads

Google are going to penalize those Ads which promote to install the app on mobiles, which really make annoyed the customer because the close button are so tiny and by click on close sometimes by mistake click had to happen on that app and it start opening new browser so its whole process makes annoyed to a user.

6.    Optimize for mobile

Most of the users read websites on smatphones now so it’s important to ensure that your content is easily openable and searchable over there also.

7.    Use unique images

Try to use a unique image which can get attract your viewers. So by that, they like to open your website again and again but as the same just keep one thing in mind that image size should be medium otherwise it can take too much time for open your webpage.




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