SEO Trends You Must Know In 2017

Tue 7 Mar 2017


5:54 pm

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SEO Trends You Must Know In 2017

Today’s era, search engine optimization is evolving. They have been lots of SEO tactic which is prominent from years and growing in 2017. As you know, Google updated at a time, it brings many techniques and updates old. As like SEO techniques update.

In 2017 SEO optimization becomes too much critical.  When we see what is crucial in SEO, find content and keyword that are crucial from beginning. Today’s people know exactly what they want and search engine getting much better-identifying user intention.  For this reason, you should write a post to keep yours.

To get a higher rank and make your web page viral you need to keep three things in mind:-


1 Calibrate: –    You can make your post viral when you know the basic needs of the people, what thing user is searching?  For which question your content’s to answer?


2 Optimize: – Once you gathered your all content, record, and area of work.  Then optimize your area of work and skyrocket your content.


3 Adjust: – keep up with analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t, So you can change in your work area.


More rich answer

When going on Google to search answer for a specific question then Google endow direct information and relevant videos, reviews, specific dates, and images.

Structured data markup help to websites to achieve enhances search engine result page and make their web page viral.  These will make you allow displaying that information in a way that makes help to user to find out your website.


Adding structured data markup to your websites can increase chances of enhancing search engine result page.  The user often loves quick access information, so make schema markup for your website in 2017 if you haven’t already.

Enhanced Mobile Growth:- 

Mobile accessibility is ever growing and isn’t showing any sign of slow down in the future.  In 2015, Google has updated Mobile indexing too just because a Mobile user is ever-growing.   For this reason, traffic distribution has been shifting away from the desktop and moving towards Future. Mobile optimization is already very crucial.  If you haven’t Mobile based website then make it.







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