5 Effective SEO Tips for Blog Content

Wed 28 Nov 2018


3:03 pm

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It is the dream of all bloggers in the world to get the top ranking on the search engine. But it is not an easy task. Put the blog in the ideal position is really difficult. We can it is not easy or not so hard. The most essential tool is to do hard work and have some patience.

Below are some of the tips that will help for Blog SEO Optimization for getting the first position in all the search engines:-


  1. Right and Long Keyword

If you want to make your article search engine friendly and user-friendly, you need to target the long keywords for the blog. Hence with the help of the long keyword, it is easy to get a good ranking on Google. In the competition, the long tail keywords are quite low. Therefore by doing this, you will get highly qualified traffic with the long tail keywords for the competition.

  1. Create Unique And Quality Articles

This is the next step for blog SEO optimization. Write the unique and quality article for the content. If you are creating a unique article, then it will help to attract users. And bring qualified traffic to your website. In contrast, remember to place the keyword in the right place. It also needs to write a unique, lengthy and quality content. Even more, the content should be user-friendly. Google and other search engines give priority to the unique content.

  1. Add keywords at right place

The placement of the perfect keywords in the right and appropriate order will allow search engines to know about the targeted keywords. Include targeted keywords in the following ways:-


The most important SEO factor is the page title. Try to include the main keyword in the post title is easy to make the content and blog SEO friendly. It will help to get a good ranking on the search engines.


Meta description appears in a snippet of the text. This will appears under the title of the article in Google. It will also help to get a good ranking. Add the main keywords in the meta description.


Include the main keyword in the URL. It helps to see the search engines relevant keywords.

  1. Main keywords as Anchor Text

Do not use same anchor text again. Hence it will be classified as SPAM by Google. Hence it is important to use targeted keywords as anchor text. This will help Google to target the blog as a unique.

  1. Backlink Building

In today’s SEO optimization the backlink is one of the important things. Every effort should be made to find backlinks from reputable sites or high quality.

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