Top 5 Responsive Website Designs for Improvement of Performance and UX

Wed 5 Dec 2018


5:02 pm

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Nowadays liable designs are the necessary part of today’s world. Therefore it is the place where the majority of internet traffic is being driven through smart devices. If the design of the website is responsive and attractive then it is quite sure that it is able to reach to a large number of the people.

Therefore all the activities are perfectly rendered on mobile devices. With the help of this feature, it provides great user experience to the visitors. This provides a positive effect on the overall traffic of the website. For the better improvement of the performance and Ux, a web development company in Jaipur will help. Here we are providing some of the effective tips that will help you to enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Simple Design Strategy

Each and every owner wants their interface to have a new and a unique look.  Therefore the simple design strategy must be an unplanned usage of unconventional design elements will result in an unsatisfactory user experience. It is the main key factor that provides some of the white space to provide some visual relief.  Focus on the message that you want to convey from your website.  Give more and proper attention to your website to make it more attractive. Hence media and graphics are the good and beneficial tools to increase engagement. Therefore they must use only if it is necessary.

  1. Apply a Visual Hierarchy On The Website

There are many effective principles are there that shows that your website is responsive. Ensure that you apply the visual hierarchy while creating the webpage. The most important element of the page is placed at the top of the page and must be in bold colors and fonts must stand apart from the other elements of the page.

  1. Website Navigation

If we talk about the most important feature of the website then it is Website navigation. Website navigation affects the user experience. As if you are frequently navigating then it must be proven helpful. With the help of website navigation, you can keep visitors engaged with the interface for a long time. It must b consider by the designers that if they must keep the limited number of navigation options in order to minimize confusions for the users. If the website is having a lot of content must be included in the prominently visible search bar.

  1. Optimize and resize all images

Most of the website owners use the images to enhance the visual appearance of their website. If the images are used without any thought and the planning then it can backfire.  This is the main strategy that the owner must ensure that all the pictures, GIFs and the animations places along with the posts are optimized.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary page elements

On the website, web designers must keep only those elements or the factors that can solve or add value to the website. Therefore they must remove or eliminate all the unnecessary elements from the website. This will help them to provide a better and successful user experience.


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