What is Bing Ads doing that Google Ads isn’t? Google Ads v/s Bing Ads

Thu 13 Dec 2018


3:43 pm

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This past year the Bing and the yahoo set a really good and wonderful picture of the bing ads. Bing AdWords growth this year. It was noted that Bing grew in clicks over the past year. The Bing Ads are underdogs of the Google. Hence they are making strides in the areas of the Google Adwords. We all know that Google Adwords has been struggling. The Google paid search clicks are actually down to 11% from this time last year.

Advantages of Bing Ads:-

Less Competition and Cheaper CPC

This is the great option for the small scale and medium sized business to consider the Bing ads. The Google and Bing ads have the same auction. But the advertisers on the Bing have the large number of benefits for using the Bing ads. In the Bing ads there has been the lack of competition, better and best performance, better position and cheaper cost per click. There are many users who are advertising on both Google and Bing. Therefore we had saw that the nearly all had lower search CPC’s on Bing. It was averaging 33.5% cheaper CPC on Bing. The Bing ads very often were in the better positions than the Google.

More granular control at the campaign and ad group levels

With the help of the Bing Ads you can assigns different campaigns and different time zones. Therefore of your campaigns reach to the internationally it can make easier to scheduling far easier to manage in Bing. Whereas in the Google Ads, Google will allow you to makes you to set your network, location, ad scheduling, language, and the ad rotation settings at the campaign level. The ads groups are restricted to the campaign level settings. However the Bing Ads open these kind of option at the different level of the, ad groups. This will make your setting hassle-free by quickly adjust a particular and relevant setting for the particular ad group.

Effective device targeting options

In the Google Ads, the campaigns can by default target all the desktop, tablet, and the mobile devices. Certainly, a user can adjust their bids some for the mobile devices but not for the tablet users and opt for the targeting desktop searches. On the other side, the Bing plans to remove these kinds of targeting restrictions, the Bing Ads can still exclude the desktop and the tablet traffic from their campaigns.

Exact transparency and control over search partner targeting

In the Google Ads, there have been two choices at the campaign level that offer to the search advertisers. They are target Google search or search partners. Therefore you can target search partners and exclude a particular search partner. Whereas Bing allows users the flexibility of targeting just Bing & Yahoo, just search partners, or both, at the ad group level.

It does not force close variants on you

The Bing Ads have the option to include the close variants queries and the matches, It remains just that. This is the advantage of the bing ads that the advertisers can easily opt in or out of the close of the variants matching at the top of the campaign or the ad group level.

Better Social Extensions

Bing has begun the testing automated social extensions in late 2014. With the help of showing the number of Twitter followers, an advertiser has next to their Ad.  On the social extensions there has a great and much competition between the Google Ads vs Bing Ads.

Control search demographics

With the help of the Bing Ads, you can control that which gender and age demographics can see your search ads. It can only be controlled with the help of the Bing Ads. Bing Ads has the number of the great advantage and the unique advantage that the advertiser can get it only from there. With the help of the Bing Ads, you can attract more qualified traffic to your site. On the other hand, SEO is responsible for bringing the qualified traffic to your website with the best Web development company.

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