8 Ways to Promote a New Blog Post

Tue 28 Sep 2021


3:37 pm

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When you work on a new post and after completing your work on that post you publish it. Then after that your new post becomes live on the internet. After publishing the post, your work does not end but the real work starts only after that and that work is to promote the new blog post. To promote your new post, you have to follow many steps.

Your US blog post will get more traffic when you promote us everywhere on the internet. The more effective way you promote your post, the bigger you will get the benefit of it. Because not everything is done by just publishing the post, but also promoting it. Without promotion, your post will not reach many people.

Where or how to promote a blog post

Share the post on Facebook page

Surely there will be someone who has not heard the name of Facebook. Facebook is a huge brand where it has eaten 200000k users daily. Facebook is the 3rd largest network on the Internet after Google and YouTube. In numbers you can imagine how popular Facebook is.

Share the post on Facebook Group

Exactly the same promotional Facebook group is also a huge plus for promoting your new posts. if you promote your post on facebook group in big way, then it will give you more traffic and benefits than facebook page by contacting best web design company in jaipur.

Share New Post On Twitter

22.5% of Twitter users are from USA while only 9.4% use Twitter in India. I have noticed that bloggers in India do not spend much of their time on Twitter. But if you use Twitter as a plan to promote your blog posts, then Twitter will also be a great place to promote your blog posts.

Promote Posts on Pinterest

Indian bloggers hear the name of Pinterest but they do not know how to use it. Pinterest is very easy to use. When you publish a new blog post, the image in it has to be pinned. Pinterest is primarily a social networking site for sharing photos.

Share Post On Linkedin

This is trha en social network site of Facebook, where you can promote by sharing your post.. The special thing about this website right now is that its organic reach is still a ghost and people seek for search engine optimization, which is what we do if we post any post. It hurts a lot of people but it does not happen in Facebook.

Share Post On Instagram

Instagram is a new and huge network you cannot share content on Instagram to promote new posts. You can only share images on Instagram. Along with my personal picture, I also share the image of my new post on Instagram. By doing this my new post gets promoted well. Don’t forget to share every single image of your new post on Instagram. Share everything there as a case.

Share on Email Newsletter

Remember, if you are a good blogger, then you will definitely have an email list of your readers. If you don’t remember, I highly recommend you to create an email list of your readers and after publishing your new blog post send that post to all your readers’ email.

Share posts on blog niche forums

Forum is an essay table of backlinks and traffic panels. First of all you have to do some popular forum related to your blog niche. Then after that search for the question related to your new post and answer their question and also give a link to your new post in addition to the answer to the question.

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