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Fri 2 Jan 2015


6:21 am

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blog comment list

Search engine optimization is considered by almost each company to promote their business via online. It has become almost need of each business. Blog comments are a best marketing and promotional tool. In market a lot of auto generated tool are available that will really help you to promote your website and to make it in access of most of the people.

It is believed that your blog represent your personality. Your writing expresses your ideas and thoughts. You write what you think and this is your personality. Indeed comments on blog are also same that shows your interest and every aspect for blog.

How you can moderate blog comments
before doing moderation for comments you should do this thing firstly is away the spam comments. For this you can install Akismet plugin that will help you such spam on comments like seo reviews, Blogging tips etc.

This is the best way to make most visited site on Google. Here is list of site names are given that will help you to promote your website.

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