Renovation of google adwords !

Sat 1 Sep 2018


3:16 pm

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Renovation of google adwords


Google Adwords has created that we can visit the ads at the pay per click for past years. Recently ‘Google Adwords’ renamed as ‘Google ads’. Google advertising is nowadays categorized in three aspects :-

  1. Google ads– it is the previous one ‘Google Adwords’
  2. Google marketing platform – double click advertiser product and Google analytic 360 suite
  3. Google ads manager– double click for publisher and double click for ad exchange



It was said by the specimen of Google that while there have to made some changes with this rebrand, they are not going to be drastic. As we all know from past two decades, Google has introduced many new ad products, formats, promotion and many features are introduced to meet different needs which was facing by everyone nowadays. Many Google ads are flashed on screen, it makes trouble for marketers to identify and select which Google product is best for them and what to choose according to their needs. According o a great saying by a author that ‘new thing comes with a new solution’. That applies here that Google Adwords become Google ads, so new name comes with new advantages and new solutions for the marketers and user too. And it creates everything with a new starting by reorganization of their current capabilities to simplify their advertising offerings.

By renaming Google Adwords to Google ads , the aim is to make easy and the easiest process for the marketers to figure out the right suspension for them and use the desired and deserving outcomes more efficiently and effectively.


As previously, Google ads is very similar to the Google Adwords. A major impact is that not the new features but using the new features through new interaction and new touch of addition.

Google introduced a new interface earlier this year, but advertisers has a option to go back still to the old one Google Adwords. With the new version of Google ads only the new feature or the interface is available , and the old one Google Adwords is fully phased out. Another notable new feature is that it has a “smart campaigns”. It has many new features that marketers will experience and it was specially designed for the small businesses, it was designed by keeping in mind to make setting up to a campaigns easier and when a individual will visiting  ad make sure your ads end up in front of the right audience. The new smart campaigns are very much similar to the old one which was “Google Adwords express” which is a easiest way to setting up of campaigns but still for the best result it needs advanced settings and requires a professional oversight.


Other key feature in Google’s rebrand is GMP- Google marketing platform. At Atilus, described that using Google analytics is an important part. It shows how we sorted our clients, how we analyze clients performance and activity on the website and measure the marketing efforts. Google has now specialized the double click to the advertising products and Google analytics 360 (a additional or premium version of Google Analytics) into one analytics tool for the marketers. For marketers it is the platform which provides them a multitude of data to check and understand who is on their website, and what they are doing on the website, for what purpose they visited to the website. It helps them to grow their business and it maximize their conversions by creating a great link with their website.


For a digital agency, it is important for them to stay current all the time and with the latest updates with the each and every evolution. Digital marketing is changing is constantly as a digital agency. Google has introduce out of a lots of changes this year. With the better version of itself and its beneficial to introduce the new feature for better working, it was between the GDPR policy changes and this rebrand. But every step towards a change comes with a new opportunity for new and interactive ways to connect to the customers online. It can be happen by the local SEO in Google my business, paid search advertising or ranking in a organic search the digital marketing and web design and development can help you out if you want to use these basic and fundamental platforms for you but you don’t know from where you have to start! Google is a step for your successful business because it gives many opportunities to create a presence digitally.

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