Facebook lead ads guide – big changes

Tue 28 Aug 2018


5:32 pm

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Facebook lead ads guide - big changes..

 We all had heard about the social media and one of the most popular is facebook. Thanks to Mark Z’s 11 hour testimony before Congress. #Delete Facebook movement of the public uproar. At that time we will go to see how largest social media networks take action.

From the past years facebook advertising is the strongest weapon for the digital marketing. On a large scale we work with our clients in various industries and companies with wide range of budgets to help them to define and for better understanding of a digital marketing plans and rules of it. That is going widely nowadays and get them the best return on their investment. For facebook advertising facebook is the essential part of it. It allows us to focus on the users based on the specific enumeration. Follows as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests (based on pages they’ve liked and followed)
  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Occupation
  • Behaviors (such as being “likely to move” or “bought a car”)

These above given are getting change with the facebook’s new ad policies getting engaged into the shape.



The data is collected by the facebook is through its users or as well as the partners, which supplies them data and activities which taking place outside of facebook. Some examples related to this parameter is that “likely to move” or “bought a car”.

Information provided by facebook marketing partners with audience data provider is based upon the partner categories. This categories allow us to refine your targeting based on information complied by your selected partners which you had choose early, such as offline demographic and behavioral information like home ownership and purchase history.

Current data providers of facebook are also listed, in which big data companies are mostly founded like Acxiom, Eplison and Experian.


You had heard about GDPR changes which was adapted by the facebook for adjusting audiences that make them aware of advertisements can target through their platform. Whether we believe it or not that facebook is free to us because many ads are run over there. These changes apply to the “saved audiences”.

Partners categories are permanently phased out, which will give a significant  impact that the way users on facebook are targeted by the advertisement.

As a facebook advisor you will no longer able to target to the person with the following data-

  • Demographics to Financial to Income- earlier, it was mentioned that we were able to target users if they reached a certain income threshold. But this is used to target the users for higher end products, such as housing or vehicles.
  • Demographics to Home to Home Ownership– Facebook’s Partners would offer data that shows whether users rent or own their home. Additionally, it would place users in the “first time home buyer” category. Somewhat related to this, we could also see if a user was “likely to move.” This type of demographic would be beneficial for real estate companies, residential builders, real estate agents, and real estate developers.
  • Behaviors to Automotive– this criteria allow advertises to taget those who are new vehicle ownership or the user is new in the market of vehicles. Advertisers take interest according to their like.
  • Behaviors to B2B– in this criteria advertisers target those companies who have a seniority in the market, company size and industry type.
  • Behaviors to Charitable Donations–this behavior is most likely for a helpful purpose. For nonprofit to attract donors. Advertisers most likely to target on type of charity. Most charity which get more donations is as animal welfare, helath and etc.
  • Behaviorsto Financial to Spending Methods – this will have the biggest impact on retailers. Using this targeting method, advertisers can target users based on the things they buy and even whether they use cash or credit cards the most.
  • Behaviors to Media to Television to Viewership Habits– this method allows advertisers to target people who watch television a lot or a little.
  • Behaviors to Purchase Behavior– like targeting based on spending methods, advertisers can target people based on the types of goods they purchase, such as health and beauty, fashion, food and drink, home and garden, etc.



Advertisers were able to get the list from the databases and they have a plus point that they can use their information to target facebook users if that email id is link with the another email id. Coming soon, advertisers will have to need to verify that they had taken their lists responsibly.

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