Some terms of Typography that should be known by each designer

Fri 31 Oct 2014


7:14 am

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typography terms

In typography there are a lot of terms that should be known by each designer when performing their art. Typography is a creative art where you learn how to make the writing language more appealing for your readers and according to learning and recognize way. In this art we include line spacing, font size, compositors kerning, selecting type faces are some terms that every designer should be aware.

  1. Ascent
    Ascent is defined as a line that shows how an upstroke of letters touches that line. Ascent is far different from cap height of letters. Like letters b, l and d touch the line in ascent. In some ascents there is big difference between the height of ascent and cap height. So right using of ascent with letters is essential thing.
  2. Median
    Median is seems like the X- height.It is like same that how should font cover the line of X. some fonts for example carbito sans is a perfect choice to choose the correct median.
  3. Base Line
    base line is defined as a lower point of all letters and the line that touches the lower point of the letters. all the capital letters and small letters should touch the base line or we can say they sit on base line.
  4. Descent
    Descent is defined as a line where letters touch the line below it means stokes that is below the line. For example p, y and j are the letters that are descent on line.
  5.    Serifs
    thee are defined as how you complete a letter with a finishing stroke. Serifs are said as a semi structural design at the edge point of the letter.

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