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Sat 1 Nov 2014


7:23 am

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one page website

One page site is completely follow different trends of SEO. Internet has become a big hub of trending and everyone is now following this trend to make poplar their business. One page website in sense of user’s convenience is best option. As user clicks on the site he acquires exactly what he wants and feels not irk. One page site is more responsive in comparison of traditional sites. One page sites are more search friendly and have benefit of instant data retrieval. Here are some trends of SEO to keep one page site more optimized.

this technique is helpful for those sites that have multiple pages means if site is traditional then you can use paginating. But if you want to use paginating for one paged site then differentiate the content from other by changing the headings and forms etc.

Organize CSS
In one page site this becomes impossible to provide more data but user requires more data on required topic. So if you want to provide users more data and increase visibility then you can add outside links to your site thereby the visibility of your site will increase you would be able to attract more visitors.

Seek audience
Always try to include links from other sites and provide your users more information on related topic. If you prefer social media to outside links then it would be more beneficial for your site to invite more visitors and to make your site more visible.

Multiple H1 tags
If your content is more search friendly then you will have more visitors. Multiple H1 tags are the amazing way to make content more informative and clear. You can separate content by using the H1 tags on headings.

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