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Google Search Ranking Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change

If mobile hasn’t been on your mind latterly, it ought to be currently. Over the web, users are turning to their Smartphone to surf the net and currently Google is creating it obligatory to provide them an honest expertise. With Google’s recent changes to the mobile search engine, websites that are not optimized for mobile […]

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After spying fears of Google Election Commission drops plan to partner Google

To the Google, Election Commission forward plans on project to ease voter exceed to information against of blacklash move from who have fear of Google spying. In democratic area India is the largest country & biggest election is to coming in may, so everyone know that Google is largest searching in all over world that’s […]

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Now your Gmail ID publicly by the Google discuss...

As regarding privacy concern in Google’s Gmail now users getting message from those who do not share your mail id with privacy advocates. Google announce this theme because Google wants that Google+ will be utilized as social network & more and more people connect to each other. That is the reason when user sign in […]

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Google next big thing for this year can be Android

This year google has merged with the google TV & the Android team because google expects TV products that have adopted Android not the former operating system. From the report it has justified that with Google TV want to give the perfect shape in android TV that plugs directly into an HDMI port. This will […]

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With new tool of Picasa get automatically back up of PC

Now for the Google+ user it’s the good news that without any saving option each & every images of Google+ will be saved in Picasa. In the Google+ there is automatic option & from that all images is too moved in Picasa. This facility of auto back up is currently available in the Mac & […]

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Google goal to achieve the next generation

Google now has the aim that search a smarter of personal search assistant for the next generation. By this ultimate thinking the search tool will be easier. According to Google director Scott Huffman from the help of it to find anything will be simple because of personal search assistant tool. The vision of Google is […]

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Google present Wink-and-Shoot Photography to make more advanced

In the starting of photography Kodak camera giving the best facility in it of press the button & after that we do the rest. But now Google offer “no press no tap on screen”. Only your voice active your snap, from this you have to only “wink the eye” & Google glass by will be […]

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