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Google goal to achieve the next generation

Google now has the aim that search a smarter of personal search assistant for the next generation. By this ultimate thinking the search tool will be easier. According to Google director Scott Huffman from the help of it to find anything will be simple because of personal search assistant tool. The vision of Google is […]

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In 2014 Google make more advance with pocket

The Google is completing this year with many superlative products, price & many more. But now it’s the question that in 2014 what will be Google does new. Many prediction are here that in new year Google put a blast surprise for their customer etc. many product of Google are released that as unique along […]

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Google present Wink-and-Shoot Photography to make more advanced

In the starting of photography Kodak camera giving the best facility in it of press the button & after that we do the rest. But now Google offer “no press no tap on screen”. Only your voice active your snap, from this you have to only “wink the eye” & Google glass by will be […]

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