Without internet your system can hack, set your face password

Mon 12 Jan 2015


12:50 pm

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Without internet your system can hack,

Till now internet was the reason of hacking but recent fresh research has proved it that if you are offline then also your system can hack.

According to researchers of Georgia institute of technology with help of less powered electronic signals information can be hacked now they are trying to figure out that from where these signals get thereby to reduce the danger of them hardware and software can get help.

After the study of various signals extracting from different computers now researchers are in trial to recognize to which level hacking can be performed and in language of hacking this is called sidechannel signal.

According to professor Alenka jarik of Georgia tech school of electrical and computer engineering, till now while internet using or wireless communication we were tried to be safe from hacking but it is recognized that when you are not using internet then also there are chances of hacking. According to alenka now we are in trial that it can be cause of a big danger. Additionally, we are trying to stop it on hardware and software base.

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