Some reasons why visitors do not fill out contact form

Sun 11 Jan 2015


12:46 pm

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reasons why visitors do not fill out contact form

On your website you see many visitors but how many fill out the form?  SEO of the website doing good and collecting visitors and when they go to contact form then does not fill out the form even they show interest in your website. Then what are the reasons of it?

It’s too long
its human nature that he is impatient. When you go for purchasing then you do not check out for the store that has a long line of customers. Then how you can expect that a visitor will fill out a long contact form. Internet is used by people to make their life easy not to increase complications so prepare your contact form within 3-5 fields max.

You ask for phone number
it has been shown that people do not like to tell their contact number to sales people. It is proved according to huge data that asking phone number in contact form will kill your conversation with your customers so leave this field.

Do you submit the form
submit word at last in contact form feels negative because nobody wants to submit anything to anyone. So you can use click here and Go for further process that have blast in search engine.

You do not have enough forms
it happens many times that we buy those things from the stores that we never intended to purchase. This is the strategy of stores to increase selling. So you should take benefit from it to increase your contacts.

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