World Beyond Google for SEO

Wed 4 Nov 2015


5:19 pm

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When the Companies or organization make the strategy to grow their business with the help of internet than for the SEO purpose most of the uses Google and measurably it is quite correct also because 60 to 70 percent of searching takes parts on Google only. But as widely the internet is spreading people are transforming on other sites also for better result of their Queries.

So my opinion is that why Organization doesn’t use another world of searching also for more beneficial results and excellent ranking. But Now the Question is that is Really another world also resides for SEO beyond Google???? Then the answer is yes, it does.

So let’s check it out other searching world beyond Google


  1. Bing

When we are talking about the search engine platform beyond Google. Bing is the First name which comes in mind which is based on comScore’s records. Google’s bigger competitor in the market is a from Microsoft. Microsoft’s achieved respectable 20% Share in the market in this year. And this blows down its competitors mind. This search engine platform has lots of potential for an online business and especially for increasing ranking.

  1. Apple is not far behind

Apple is also not far behind in this Race now. As everyone knows that apple is recognized for its high and flawless technology. and now  it gets more clear when last month Apple released new and improved search feature in its mobile operating system iOS 9.and the best feature is that it makes it possible for the users to search for content or information in Apps that they haven’t installed yet which is the best part.


  1. Yahoo

Yahoo is another powerful and stronger competitor for Google. Because yahoo is not only search engine infect it is more than a search engine and it is just like icing on a cake for the users or visitors.

Yahoo portal offers easy access to news, games, travel guide, aggregator, style, celebrity news, cricket features and the best feature is Financial news available over here in an easily way.   Here you can easily get an opportunity to boom your SEO effort and get good rewards.

  1. Yandex

Yandex is basically and Russian Internet Company which operates a largest search engine in Russia. Firstly it founded in Russia in 1997 and later on in 2010 it become the popular resource for looking for easy to use search pages between various languages. So it also can be the best option for origination for SEO marketing purpose. From here you can easily get more visitors.

  1. Facebook and twitter

We can’t ignore this two Social Media option which playing a very major role for growing online marketing for the business. Because most of the youth is always active on social media so it will be also the best option for SEO purpose

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