Amazing Websites to Make Yourself Smarter

Tue 17 Nov 2015


2:49 pm

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Amazing Websites to Make Yourself Smarter


In today’s time, almost 90% world spends their most of time in front of computer screen and this is the reason the era is called modern digital era. It shows that how much literacy skills are developing  in people and how much they are getting more educate day by day which is  obviously a good sign for the country and for the world that the people are getting smarter and modern and this abstractly connecting two countries and peoples with each other.

The way people spends their time on the internet, says a lot about them and about their goals and mentality also. Where, on the one hand, some of the people like to spend their time on social site just by scrolling the page and flocking through profile pictures of their friend commenting and liking that’s it and, on the other hand, other people spend time on the web searching for enhancing their skills that help them to place in industry. So if you are the second kind of person then this blog is totally for you because many of the people get fail to find the website according to their interest so we going to help you by suggesting some of the websites which will help you  in an effective manner and help you to get smarter.

Websites to make yourself smarter

1.    Edx

If you are the one who is having dream to take courses from some of the best universities of the world like Harvard University, Stanford, Indian Institute of management, MIT and the likes, but cause of economic problem or other circumstances you are not able to study in these universities then Edx is a great place for you. And the best part is this courses which are providing here are free and they provide certificates regard the courses also. And an optionally verified certificate cost is in between $25 to $100.

2.    HowStuffwork

Are you a curious soul or spirit who always has a curiosity to know about the things that how they actually work? Then this website is only for you where you can learn how everything works. Here you can get the answer of your each wonder in a simple understanding world without using of any complexity of jargons or terminology.

3. Digital Photography School

Do you passionate about photography? And want that people to see the world and thing through your eyes then you should definitely sing up with this site. Photography is something about telling the story via pictures, but it’s not that much easy as we think photography needs a skill and this skill you can learn from here.

4.    Code Academy

Do you wants to learn some basic skills of coding then join code Academy? It is the place where you can get a good start from somewhere else. Code academy provides you simple steps to learn the coding basics which are less painful than collage classes. Here the coding streams are divided into streams Html/CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

5.    Quora

Quora is having a prior place in Online Question- Answering websites. Here influential and knowledgeable persons take place to give the answers of the Question. Here the topics are defined under which you can ask Question. The topics are categorized into top stories and trend.

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