Cool Skype Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know

Thu 19 Nov 2015


2:28 pm

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When we talk about VOIP (voice over internet protocol) Service then the first name which comes in mind is Skype. Skype is one of the well-known word for people who use messenger and calling tools regularly. Skype allows messaging, video calls and voice call at just free of cost it only needs a high-speed network from both sides. Skype is founded in 2003 from since it has become one of the popular communication tools among peoples, but still people are not too much aware from its tricks they know its basic tricks only.

So let check out some of cool and interesting tips and tricks of Skype, and I am sure that these tricks you never know before.

1. Call directly from contact list 

To do so, go to Skype main menu and click on Tools then its sub menu Option and then go to “General Settings” and tick on “When I double click on a contact start a call”

2. you can Re-edit your last message

Suppose the last message you have sent contains some mistake and you wants to re-edit it then is it possible? Yes, by simply pressing up arrow key you can do this. When you press the up Arrow key the last message you have sent will appear in chat box from here you can moderate your message and send it again.

3. History delete option is also here

Sometimes it’s not safe to keep a history of chats because anyone can misuse it which can harm you. So you should delete the history time to time to do so, go to Skype window click on tools, then Option then IM & SMS Then click on Show advanced option (which appears at right side) after clicking that a wizard will open in front of you from where you can select time frame from drop down option according to you for delete history.

4. Call forwarding is allowed

Sometimes it happens then you are busy and you have no time to attend the Skype calls but maybe it is possible that your calls are important so, in that case, you can forward your calls on other numbers. Skype to Skype call forwarding is free but on other mobile number or landline it makes a little charge. To do so, go to Tools, then option, then call and its sub option call forwarding now you can make the setting of call forwarding on which number you want to make your call forward.

5. Hidden or written emotions

Confused??? what I am talking about? Don’t worry let me clear we all uses emotion from the chat box but you know that you can send the hidden emos also which are not available in emotion box, by typing the emotions

Just see a few examples

Bug –> (bug)

Mail –> (e)/(m)

Toivo –> (toivo)

Talking –> (talk)

Drunk –> (drunk)

Skype –> (skype)

Poolparty –> (poolparty)

Headbang –> (headbang)

Smoking –> (smoking)/(smoke)/(ci)



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