5 SEO Risks Worth Taking

Fri 21 Jun 2019


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There are many businesses in which people face a hard time seeing the value of SEO. And it is understood by everyone. About search engine optimization there are many information and some of the misinformation out there. It really increases the difficulty of this decision. The effective SEO strategy will take many months to yield positive results for a website. So get the 5 SEO risks worth taking.

For the reason, there are many companies who are nervous about trying something out they are not familiar with. Thus every business decision is going to carry some risks with it. Rank higher on Google with the best SEO techniques. In contrast, some can be avoided and some can lead to a sudden and serious growth. Many businessman thinking that what SEO risks are worth it and which SEO risks should be avoided. One of the greatest SEO risks a company can make avoids all SEO tactics together.

5 SEO Risks to take that worth it

seo risks

  1. Make & Test large and small changes

Make & Test large and small changes

We all know that the overall goal of the SEO is to get the traffic as well as it ultimately helps in transactions on your website. The big question is that what if you are getting your website to rank well for certain keywords. Then no one is actually clicking on your link. There is the number of reasons for this thus it takes some time to zero in on exactly why it is not performing as well as expected.

Thus take one element at one time whether that is the meta descriptions, the titles, the content and more. As well as test them against new variations. Thus it will likely take a bit of the trial and error to come up with the correct wording and layout combination that helps in maximum website traffic transactions. For the reason, at that time you will find a combination that does not work well at all. At least for a whole, it ends up reducing what traffic you do have.

This is one of risk which is worth it. The reason behind is that once you find the best results you will be able to focus on the element. It helps to continue to drive more traffic and get better results.

  1. High-Quality Backlinks in Getting and Giving Process

high quality backlinks

As we all know that the backlinks are one of the well-established parts of the SEO. In simple language, backlinks help to increase rankings and build authority. It is not about being the one with the most links. Therefore sometimes you just need to give a little back. Thus this will cause a risk of losing a few web visitors by providing a link to the other high-quality backlinks sites. But at the same time, you are showing Google that you are using and referencing reliable sites with the established authority.

The websites which are having the feature of the links to low quality, malicious, spammy websites are having the greater risk of getting penalized by Google. Thus you may also get penalized by getting the too many links to your site from those of the poor quality sites.

  1. Enhancing the URL Structure of your Site

url structure of website

When we talk about the URL structure of the homepage it should be short and sweet. The URL structure of the company should only with having the name of the company, such as www .yourcompanyname.com. The URL of the website should be short, simple and easily remembered. However, you should have targeted keywords. As well as be more specific with the content of your webpage. Even more, you don’t want to let the URL get out of the hand. On the other hand, if the URL is too long and in a descriptive way, the search engine will truncate their display after the cut-off point.

Therefore it may be the right and appropriate time to alter some of your URL structure. But there was a big risk behind it is that any change in the URL structure that can impact your rankings. Because you alter the old URL structure and 301 redirect traffic to the new ones. Thus you may see some of the dips in traffic and rankings. Web designing company helps to redesign your website.

  1. Overhauling your Website

Overhauling your website

Each and every website need to get updated and redesigned in every once in a while. The redesign of the website is very risky and expensive that is not to mention in time-consuming. With the help of the website, you may need a new facelift. It looks extremely outdated. Thus it is optimized for the search engines but the human users find it hard to navigate it. For the reason, there could be a number of the reasons to take another look at your website and may be considered reconstructing it from the ground up.

The change of the URL structure is beneficial but it contains the risk similarly these types of the changes come with a risk to your rankings as Google tries to re-evaluate your site. Google knows that every website goes through these kinds of overhauls every once in a while. By updating your website you will be able to get more and more new clients to your website.

  1. Buy expired or the available domains

buy expired domains

There are several website owners for many reasons they don’t renew their domains for making them available to buy and use. Therefore buying some of the domains with the history and redirecting them to your site can potentially be a quick and one of the easy way to increase the number of the valuable backlinks adding some link juice to your site.

In addition, there are some of the serious risks with this technique though you should only do so when you know exactly that what you are doing. But the most important thing to consider is that the domain has to be related to your business. Thus it should be professional and legitimate because if that domain still receives rankings and traffic. Those visitors will be direct to your site and there is nothing bad thing than reaching on the website that is not at all related to your original search.

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