7 Strategies to Build High-Quality Backlinks

Fri 17 May 2019


6:29 pm

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Every business needs a website to increase its sales. With the help of the website, they are able to introduce their product easily. But having a website is not enough for the business. A website with a wide range of traffic is the tool to get success in the path of the business. Therefore in the past decade, Google’s ranking algorithm has grown more and more complex. As well as the factors that determined search ranking change without notice. This is the reason so the SEO is the time-consuming process. Therefore there are multiple different parameters are necessary for a page to rank. And it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Building Links on Website

Building Links on Website                            

The main contributor for the page’s overall visibility is the backlinks. With the help of backlink’s page visibility increase on the search engine. For the reason, there are a number of the ways by which you can build high-quality backlinks. Without delaying too deep into the SEO rabbit holes. High-quality Backlinks help search engines index relevancy of the articles by including links to another website with having similar content.

The ability to gather the links will always depend on the level of the outreach you are willing to invest your time. The efforts of the organic links through the content marketing efforts will come in slowly.  The link building includes a lot of the email outreach so you will need a bit of software for both tracking and generating content leads.

To building the link simple it is important to keep in mind the email component. For this process build keyword research and then pick your target and you can get started. Here we are providing seven successful backlinking strategies that will prove very helpful in your SEO playbook.

  1. Produce High-Quality Content

Produce High-Quality Content

It is much necessary to provide quality content to the audience. You have to offer the website leads a perspective that provides value to the articles and its potential readers. This is the real goal for content marketing. Quality writing is a valuable resource for research. Therefore there tends to be an outreach and correspondence with other websites when building links for a targeted keyword or for the page.


  1. Newsworthy Events

Newsworthy Events

Newsworthy events can be the reason for the great and qualified traffic. The trending topic brings more traffic to your website. For the reason cover the large news engines like The Telegraph or CNN both are the unique perspective for searching the trending topics. With the help of differentiation, you can get the links to your domain. It is one of the best ways. As well as you can look for the industry-relevant events such as conferences, acquisitions, law changes, incorporate them into your website’s blog.  You can also add the twist if the experience to give a great event. This aspect will help you to offers the news site access to the unique information that they are more likely to quote and link back to. Consequently, you can use your competitive advantage to help push your articles while doing the outreach.

  1. The Broken Link Building

The Broken Link Building

If a website consists of the broken links then it will be very harmful. It decreases the readability of a website and it increased the bounce rate. If you can manage to find a broken link to a competitor article on their site and build a quick piece to replace that the incoming links attached to it can be yours.

Screaming Frogs and Ahrefs are the SEO web crawlers which give excellent insight into the backlink and the traffic structure of a website. These are great for developing an understanding of how a competitor is performing behind the scenes. By including your competitor’s domain URL in the crawler’s search engine the depth analysis of site structure, traffic volume, and the link data is made available.

For the reason here you will find a competitor’s broken links here as well as blogs that are attached to them as well. Consequently, when you find the 404 error pages then follow them in their respective articles. Find the relevant piece on your site. Then let the writer know that the article includes a broken link and there is an error on their site. Moreover, once they are aware of the problem they will replace all the broken links with yours.

  1. Roundups


It is grown in the popularity and albeit slowed down in the past few years is great for building the links. Therefore the marketers like to do roundups of the best articles because it is a great way to get both links, traffic, and the linkbacks for the simple content. For the reason, this is a sort of two-way street because you can reach out to offer your content to roundups or to create the roundups. You can easily ask for the backlinks prospectus on these roundups. This is proven one of the best and unique ways to approach for the link building.


  1. Experts Opinion

Experts Opinion

If you want to get the expert opinion then reach out to journalists for an expert opinion. Recently Google uses to rank pages is recency. The older contents will come slightly lower than the new ones. Thus offering a new statistic, perspective or tip to an older article can help website boost traffic while providing your domain with a link.



  1. Guest Posts

Guest Posts

One of the effective techniques is guest posts for filling in links to other websites. The reason behind this ideal strategy because it helps you target the anchor text to your links in a much more deliberate way. Optimizing the Search engine for the post is important. For instance, when doing the backlink outreach, you are all depending on the content writer. Because they are the one who changes the anchor text of the link whichever way they see it. So, it is the most optimal from an SEO perspective.

The guest post also outreaches at a much higher rate of success. Write a quality guest post the only drawback being the amount of the time necessary. Hence the quality value outweighs the drawbacks. For the reason, it borrows a website’s audience and gives your content net a further reach. It also offers the room for creativity. So focus on the quality instead of the quantity. This is an effective strategy that pays long term dividends.

  1. Infographics


You can build the infographic with interesting information for your audience. Therefore Infographics are another unique approach that content writers can use because they give a visual aid to what can be very dry topics. There are some of the software products such as Canva and Piktochart are easy makes the infographic designs. It requires a bit more time and energy to produce this quality content. Web designing company makes a better and best quality infographics.

Consequently, building backlinks can be much boring and there is a lot of the outreach involved.

30 Factors for Creating Effective Backlinks

30 Factors for Creating Effective Backlinks                               

Number of C- Class IP Links

links from the separate C-Class IP addresses is a powerful factor for backlinking.

Aging of Linking Domain

As the linking domain gets older backlinking becomes more powerful

Location of links in a webpage

Links placed at the beginning are more significant than at the end

Alt tags for image links

The Alt text provided for the image acts as an anchor text and it is a great factor

Number of Root domains

Count of referring domains is one of the major ranking factors

Excessive Exchanging of Links

Excessive link exchange is very  bad according to the Google link scheme

Keyword title important Seo factor

Pages containing keywords in the title get a SERP boost from Google

Wikipedia link for added trust

links from Wikipedia articles give an added trust to your links and effect ranking

.edu/.gov domain backlinks

Links from .edu or .gov domains possess a greater effect over other types

Number off all linking pages

Total number of linking pages even from the same domain is also a factor

Co-occurrence of Keywords

Words that appear around your backlinks help tell what the page is about

Page rank of linking domain

Rage rank referring page is a very important factor for backlinking

Dmoz listing adds an extra trust

Sites that are listed in DMOZ get extra trust from Google and help in ranking

Links from Bad Neighborhoods

Links from bad neighborhoods may negatively affect your ranking

Natural link profile

A site with a natural link profile is going to rank highly and be more durable

Diversity in page link types

Backlinks coming from the diverse categories are a major factor for the ranking

Word count matters for links

A link from a 100-word post is more valuable than a link within a 25-word snippet

Positive link velocity site

A site with positive link velocity usually gets a SERP boost

Negative velocity site

Negative link velocity can significantly reduce rankings as it decreases the popularity

Contextual links in a sentence

Links embedded within the content of a webpage are more powerful

Relevancy of page level

A link from a page that’s closely tied to a page’s content is more powerful

Country Tld of referring Domain

Domain extensions like .co, .uk,.in, .us may help you rank better in that country

Link titles attribute in text

The text that you see when hovering a link adds up to the ranking factors

Sentiment around the text link

Links with positive sentiments around them likely carry more weight

Anchor text in backlinks pages

Anchor text provides significant importance to the page ranking

301 Redirects excessively to Page

Too many links coming from 301 redirects may dilute the page rank

Excessive hyphens in URLs

Excessive hyphens in a URL can indicate over SEO content

Authority Website Links

A link from a site considered an authority sit likely gets more ranking over others

Excessive Links .html/.php

Excessive amounts of links.html and links.php indicate a weak profile

Sponsored text of backlinks

Texts like “sponsors”, “link partners” may decrease the value of your links

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