How to Rank Higher on Google – 6 Easy Steps

Mon 17 Jun 2019


6:07 pm

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how to rank higher on google

In the world of Digital Marketing, everyone is doing hard work to get a high rank on the search engine or Google. But there are many businesses that are not able to get high on Google after putting too much effort. This is one of the most frustrating things to see your website rank on the umpteenth page of Google. In fact, you are doing a continuous effort to get the high ranking of your website on Google. But besides it, there are many reasons. Sometimes we feel like that no matter how much effort you put and how much hard work you does there will nothing works. Here we are providing some of the systematic and straightforward ways that will help to rank higher on Google and brings more traffic.

Basic Process for Rank Higher on Google:

basic process of rank higher on googlee


  • First, find out the keywords for which you have lackluster rankings
  • Find out the reason why the other pages are outranking you
  • Then beat those pages on those points
  • Rinse and Repeat

Systematic Steps for Rank Higher on Google:

Step 1: First find out the keywords for which you have lackluster rankings


There are most SEO preach that are finding your page for two rankings then trying to push them to page one. It seems logical but here we are telling you two reasons that will show that it is not a great idea. It is not always easy to improve the rankings by 10+ spots. Most of the times ranking on the first page is not your goal if you want more traffic to your website. For instance, if you can move up the ranks by just only one position from the fifth rank to the fourth rank you will able to see the bigger traffic increase than moving up ten positions. This is the most effective way to optimize your website for search engine.

Step 2: Which Keyword you want to rank higher

kwywords research higher

There is every keyword in your filtered report is one which you already rank but not in pole position. That will show you that there is still room for improvement. Another thing you can do is making a list of the keywords that you most want to improve rankings for. Thus there is no point chasing rankings for the low-value keywords. As well as those that are likely to be difficult work. Below mention are some of the keyword strategies that will help you to identify the best for you. If you are facing any difficulty take help of web designing company. They will provide you perfect solution for that.

  • Keywords that already drive the most traffic
  • Keywords with high search volumes
  • Non branded keywords
  • A keyword with low Keyword difficulty scores
  • Keywords with high business value

Step 3: Figure out why you have to be outdated

outdated things

There are hundreds of reasons due to which one web page can outrank another one. But don’t let this one discourage you. You have studied many of the ranking factors as well as numerous occasions and found three things to correlate highly with rankings and traffic time and again.

  • Number of referring domains
  • Authority of Page
  • Website Authority

Even more significant ranking factor that you need you wants your website to rank higher on Google. The main aim of Google is to provide the most relevant results for any given query. Thus the entire business model relies on them being is able to do this.

Therefore this is why none of the top ranking pages for the link building. They are the companies that are offering the perfect link building services rather informational blog posts and guides. Google knows that people who searched for link building are looking to learn.

Step 4: Beat the other pages where it matters

Beat the other pages where it matters

With the help of the previous three steps, you have some idea as to why you are being outdated. So next task is that plug those holes. As well as find out the best searching trends that most of the customers use. Try to build some more high-quality link to your pages. No. of the referring domains is the main issue. With the help of several ways you can do it: guest posting, replicating your competitor’s link, link building, pursing unlinked mentions and etc. With the help of the link building guides, we will get help in this task.

Step 5: Track Rankings

track ranking

Even more, it goes without saying that if your goal is to rank higher on Google, then you need to track your rankings. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing whether your efforts are moving the needle. You can track up to 10,000 keywords in Rank Tracker. We usually just track the primary target keyword for each page. To set up your keywords in Rank Tracker, select a project, hit “Add keywords, paste or type the keywords you want to start tracking, select the countries you want to track, then hit “Add keywords.”

Step 6: Rinse & Repeat for other keywords

repeat other keywords

Ranking high for one keyword is great. But ranking high for many is even better. So once this process works for one keyword, go back to step one and repeat the cycle from start‐to‐finish. Then do it again, and again. In time, you’ll rank high for hundreds of keywords and get tons of organic traffic every month, just like us.

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