5 Ways To Save Mobile Data In Your Android Smartphone

Sat 2 May 2015


9:50 am

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Tired of paying inflated mobile bills owing to excessive information use? Undecided what is uptake up your monthly information allowance? We’re giving you 5 ways that to regulate your mobile information consumption and check your bills…

Track information use

The latest iterations of each automaton and iOS enable you to trace information usage for individual apps to spot those uptakes up your information allowance. You’ll be able to even disable background information transfer i.e. data use once the apps are running within the background to perform some task.

Disable uncalled-for push notifications

Push notifications will cause higher information use, particularly if you employ lots of interactive apps like social network shoppers and electronic communication services. Variety of apps conjointly pushes promotional content that’s not relevant to you. Modern automaton devices and iPhone provide ways that to disable push notifications through the system settings. You must conjointly set your email to fetch mode and disable push unless you receive essential and time sensitive messages.

Offline viewing/listening

Do you watch lots of videos on the go or stream music? Mobile information networks in India do not very provide sensible information measure and information use is pricey. It is a sensible plan to buy a paid set up of a music streaming service and synchronies your songs once connected to Wi-Fi. YouTube conjointly permits you to briefly transfer music videos from most well liked Indian record labels, valid for a amount of forty eight hours.

Use information compression

If you scan lots of on-line articles on your phone, it is a sensible plan to change compression on your mobile browser. Google Chrome offers a ‘Reduce information usage’ setting to form the scale of the net pages you visit smaller victimization Google servers. It even offers graphical statistics of knowledge savings. Opera conjointly offers liquid ecstasy, a free, data-savings and data-management app that compresses videos, pictures and media from apps and websites to scale back information use.

Disable auto-download on WhatsApp

Most WhatsApp users who’re a part of some or the opposite cluster receive multiple forwards within the type of picture massages, videos massages and audio massages. Once ever you receive these things you furthermore may incur information prices. Fortuitously, you’ll be able to prefer to disable auto-downloads for all, none or an exact content sort whenever you receive a multimedia system message. You must ideally change video and audio auto-downloads only if the phone’s connected to Wi-Fi.

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