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true color

Hues, tints and color always leave a trail or attractive effect wherever they go and apply. Color can change the mind of a person and make more to visit their website by the perfect color scheme. When you talk about the website then it is a matter of professionalism and the trail of color should […]

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Blueprint of Ecommerce Business Website

In the segment of ecommerce website here are so many hard steps in the starting at right time. To make easier your hard work along resource are available for company as well as user. Some parameter for that are as follow as research for their sector, build and launch with planning, and manage the revenue […]

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With the new tool of Google - Report high ranking scraped content

Now if you found any scraped content from other site then it is good news that Google head of web spam team matt cutts developed a format to report to Google about the scraped content that have higher than the original content. The name of this new tool is Google scraper report. By the three […]

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How to improve Alexa Rank quickly to make website performance better

When we talk about the online business, that time Alexa rank play vital role to giving a hike to your website better. In the definition language Alexa rank determine the popularity of your website. Always a better rank of Alexa rank gives higher ad conversion rate & good traffic. In the technology market even webmaster […]

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