6 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For job Search

Mon 27 Jul 2015


1:20 pm

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6 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For job Search

According to the survey 94% of recruiters are on LinkedIn but you know in the ratio of that only 36% job seekers are available on LinkedIn. Are you shocked but it’s true.

We know that there are lots of job seekers on LinkedIn but according to recruiters point of view only 36% are acutely there who are searching the job. Reaming are not capable according to their profile. The main reason behind this are the people don’t know that what actually the recruiters see in your profile, they just create their profile according to their point of view and their convince but if you want to get job so you to think according to recruiters point of view.

So let check it out that what recruiters see in your profile and how to optimize your profile according their point of view. Here is some tips for you.

Completeness of profile: Always make sure that your profile should be complete no blanks should be there. Because “Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Online Resume” so always take it serious as you take serious your hard paper resume.

  • Add your current position
  • Add your industry and location
  • Provide your educational information
  • At least provide minimum of three skills
  • At least have 50 connection

Use professional profile picture: The profile pictures create the 1st impression in profile so always be careful when you are selecting picture for your profile picture. Always choose profile picture which can represent your professional looks. Picture should be simple and attractive according to professional look. Never use selfies, logo, picture of fun and any slogan etc. it can damage your professional status.

Add Skill and get endorsement or emphasize your professional skills: add as much as you can add your skills , endorsements and skills are very important in your profile because the more Endorsements you have for a specific skills the more likely you’ll  came up in the search result, when someone search for that skills.

Grab people’s attention by attractive headline and use keywords in your heading:  when recruiters see your profile the first thing they look your profile picture after that they see you’re heading. So always try to use effective keywords that can represent your profession.

Share your awards and honors: this is the way by which you can shoe that what achievements you have got in your life which makes you different from others in recruiters mind. You should show your Specialized Certificates also that what kind of Certification you have in your educational level. Along with that add your languages too if you know any additional language it also give wattage to your profile.

Be Active Users: at last it’s very important that be an active user of LinkedIn. Routinely check your profile to see that is any recruiters are there who want to recruiter you and Recently check that what’s new in bossiness market and what  you can add in profile new.

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