Christmas Eve- A Day in RED

Wed 26 Dec 2018


1:15 pm

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It’s time to sing Jingles All The Way…

First of all,  Merry Christmas to all the readers. We all know that Christmas is the day when there is the festivity all over in the air. On the eve of the Christmas, everyone enjoys the day with parties, feasts, dancing and sharing gifts with each other. People can spread happiness, and joy and help everyone on the eve of the Christmas. It teaches us to help the people and especially the needy one. This day teaches us the great teachings of Jesus Christ and can lead a life which is away from sins and sorrow. We all know that Christmas is the festival of the Christian community. But this festival is associated with the joy and the fun so it makes it a festival of everyone.


JOY! PEACE! LOVE!here begins our Christmas fun…


Decoration Time

Yesterday before going home we planned that how to decorate the office. We decided that this time we will decorate the office with handmade things because it looks more attractive and beautiful.

Then next morning means today on Christmas eve we start decorating the office with the handmade items. Such as a tag which is saying Merry Christmas, a standing Santa, a cute little Christmas tree and some snowflakes. Then everyone helps each other to decorate the office. Some of the team members are blowing the balloons. After taking cello tapes and scissors from each other the work of office decoration is completed.


The office is looking amazing. So beautiful 🙂


Now it’s time to have some fun- Celebration Begins



The celebration begins with wishing each other Merry Christmas. Then we all had a lot of fun and happiness. It was such a great experience to celebrate the Christmas eve with colleagues. Make your Christmas memorable. Spread love and happiness. Thank you NWS and team for the wonderful experience.



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