Essential Seo Traps To Avoid Google Down Ranking

Thu 22 Dec 2016


4:28 pm

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Essential Seo Traps To Avoid Google Down Ranking

Today’s in the emulative era, SEO is the essential to get top rank in the search engine of Google along with it a great way to increase page rank of the website/webpage.

Now Seo is rapidly changing their features and tricks, so it becomes crucial to know that all latest update Seo tricks which will help you to keep your website on top in search engine into the competitive world.   Google released algorithm which makes rigid competition to get a higher rank.  If you will endeavor to spammed link, Google algorithm will detect that and remove. So to get a higher rank and higher traffic on your site you need to know about crucial Seo traps to avoid Google down the ranking.

Link building: – To make website/web page view long lasting you should have to avoid spam link building strategies, for that detected inbound and outbound link to your website and make sure that you are not violating any rule of Google algorithm.

Unfriendly mobile design: – Today’s utmost user operate the smartphone, so having website mobile friend is crucial to get a higher rank and get more traffic on a site. If your website isn’t user-friendly, you can’t ever think to get higher rank in search.

Anchor Text: – Anchor hypertext is used to link other web page address; Google search used this text to determine the content of the linked web page, so you have to targeted keyword most related to the web page.

Deficiency of unique content: – Content is the king and other are gravy, unique and eye-catching is crucial to get more traffic and higher rank in Google search.  New and different content will bond audience consistently on your web page and help to get the higher rank.

Poor user experience: – if you use has a bad experience of your website then it will be downranking, Google analysis web page through user engagement.  If a user doesn’t stay for a long time on your site, it indicates that you aren’t satisfied from information, whatever you provide.

Target single page: – Link building is crucial to make a higher rank in Google search engine. If your page has a good and high-quality link then your site will rank on the top of Google search.

So this above fact will help you to avoid down the ranking of your site and help to rank your site at the top of Google search engine.






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