How Can Get Back Notification Which Swiped Accidently

Mon 20 Apr 2015


10:39 am

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How Can Get Back Notification Which Swiped Accidently

There you’re, absent-mindedly dismissing notifications from your lock screen, once all of an explosive you think that you may have swiped away one thing that was massively vital or important. Or was it?

Here’s however you’ll be able to access your notification history within the most up-to-date versions of humanoid!!!

In Lollipop, press and hold on a blank a part of the home screen to state the Widgets choice and faucet it, the one you would like is labeled as ‘Settings shortcut’.

Pick and Drag this to a spot somewhere on your phone’s home screens and you will be asked that settings screen you would like to link.

Therefore select Notification log from the list and there you’ve got it.

Sound on your new created route can take you to an extended list of notifications, with the foremost recent at the top-tap through on any entry and you will be taken to the relevant App information screen.

You may wish to stay the route appliance in situ simply just in case you ever dismiss associate degree alert while not reading it properly.

You can read it again and get your urgent notification back in your Smartphone which you swiped in absence of your mind…

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