SEO advanced prediction for 2014

Tue 25 Feb 2014


9:45 am

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SEO advanced prediction for 2014

In 2013 many update or change did Google in the algorithm of SEO technique. So some user had to suffer ranking issue because of it but it is predicted on the base of 2013 that these type of updation Google can do, so behalf of that user can secure their keyword of website. Here are some highlights that are forecasted by Google in 2014 from SEO technique-

Google – In current time finding or sharing anything Google is the most searchable way with the many secured option. But from few it improve features in the facilitate services to the Google, so that here are many points that consider by Google.

Google authorship – To get the richest snippet for the benefit Google authorship improved your on page user states. It is announce that in 2014 “author rank” also will be measure & it will prove your existence.

Social media & profile – this is the main part to gaining the popularity, profit & many more from the market. So it predicted that if Google connected the social media activity of your with the Google ranking of your website then it will be beneficial for positive who more concerned about the SMO on social sites.

Algorithm – Google follow mail two algorithm penguin and panda. So for 2014 a completely natural back link profile will be essential & it will be wise to clean up any link to and from poor website.

Content – Content is the most important part to enhance the ranking to your website keyword, so in 2014 each part of content will be measure to improve the ranking of your website keyword.

Links – Google always take the standard link to improve the ranking of your website. So that to show the post of your website with the quality link.

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