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Now it’s become very easy to watch videos on twitter

Twitter is exploring many advanced features to see shared videos on twitter service. You can see videos by one click on play button that is overlaid on that video with full screen and videos will be showing automatically preview in a timeline. Twitter has shared these features already to their other service short video service. […]

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Facebook: blocking pages in Pakistan

In London, Facebook said that it had blocked users in Pakistan from access to the pages of a popular Pakistani rock band & several left-wing political pages, drawing sharp criticism from free-speech activists who accused the US Company of caving in to government censors. Members of the band, Laal, whose members have frequently spoken out […]

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LinkedIn market is more accepted then twitters

From the research it is found that LinkedIn is more popular between the adults rather than twitter. As regarding to survey in research mostly take the segment of 18 years old internet user about 70% sharply recommended to the LinkedIn better then twitter. Twitter rank can be higher from LinkedIn but the engagement of people […]

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