UX tricks to get highest profit from the ecommerce sites

Fri 7 Nov 2014


7:33 am

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UX tricks

E-commerce websites are known as best medium to get highest revenue. User experience plays a great role to decide the popularity of e-commerce websites. If user will have a great experience on ecommerce website then it will be more profitable for the website to increase the revenue. Developers should design these websites in this way that user will get a pleasant experience. Pleasant experience is the foremost need for e-commerce website.  Security is also one of the major issues to increase highest user experience but owing to highest security should not make it unpleasant. Here are some UX revenue tricks that will help to increase the revenue on e-commerce websites.

Automating the order process
Automated process in ecommerce websites seems easy for users as user smoothly can select the product. Like if a user click on a watch then immediately a list of available brands and colors and varieties should be available with checkboxes or in a list. This makes a user friendly for site.

Encouraging repeat orders
once a user purchases a product on your website then he will fill the basic information. Then at that time you should save that information thereby when that user comes for next time then he will find it easy. He does not need to fill information again.

Cache throughout the ordering process
It would be frustrating for a user if he will has to fill same information again and again. Because sometimes user empties two or more fields and then click on submit button then all the entries should not be deleted. Throughout the ordering process you should maintain cache.

Responsive web design
web designing should be user responsive as this is the time of Smartphone and most of the users now shop with Smartphone. So if user uploads big size images then it should be done smoothly with responsive designing.

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