Yahoo! Weather App’s New Feature Announced

Tue 25 Aug 2015


1:31 pm

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Yahoo! Weather App’s New Feature Announced

Yahoo!! is the company which is very popular for its one and all package. Yahoo is basically known for its web portal, search engine along with that it provide some extra feature also like Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Answer, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music etc. And time-time yahoos add some extra new feature in its portal and provide new features for the users. So now again yahoo introduces its new feature. So come and check it out what new feature yahoo added for its users.

Yahoo have now updated in its weather app with the new weather alert. By using this update yahoo weather app will alert the user 15 min before the rain or snow expected by this user can have enough time to grab an umbrella or jacket before going to outside. And more advantage is that if you planning for some then you can postpone the program or you can already prepare yourself according to weather because you already get the update about the weather. According to company iOS and Android both user can take advantage of this application on their mobile phones. Now only the iOS users are getting this weather alert rolling out on their phones. But according to companies this feature will soonly come in android also.

Although with that yahoo has disclosed its new feature in yahoo mail also. Yahoo’s new updates yahoo mail has received new feature, which will show the package and event notification at the top of the inbox for quickly viewing convenience. In this feature whenever the new order mail arrives from an online retailer yahoo automatically show the package notification on top of the inbox and will also included a shortcut for shipment tracking and original email for the order. And yahoo has discussed about it one more new feature which will be update in coming days, in this feature yahoo mail will now show a snapshot of the event details and a quick link to the original invites and direction on top of your inbox When once user read or opened the notification, then that notification automatically dismissed from inbox.

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