Google analytics method to rock

Fri 16 May 2014


10:53 am

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Google analytics method to rock

For the successful website Google analytics is the essential tool of present market. By the help of it you can monitor everything easily in the perfect manner. For the beginner this tool is not so difficult once yu understand the key point of it you can simply manager all data of website after that. Here are some tips for Google analytics by which your website can show as a rock star-

• By the support of it you can see long time pervious data in it means that you can see the all data of past 30 days as well.
• You can judge in the Google analytics flow of traffic of your website.
• This is the organic platform to show all results related to your website, and it also manage the social media activity as well.
• In the web browser section on the regular basis you can check, format, change in the issues.
• It also tell you exact bonus rate & exit percentage and show the bad happening in website then give the support to remove them
• For the search engine optimization activity here is also individual section is made, and it contral all the step of SEO in it.

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