Keyboard Shortcuts, F1 to F12 and Many More…….

Thu 8 Oct 2015


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Keyboard Shortcuts, F1 to F12 and Many More


Shortcuts keys provide an easier and quicker method of navigating and executing a command on a computer. But still most of the peoples are aware with the best time-saving shortcuts on the keyboard. Most of the shortcuts keys accessed by using of Alt key, Ctrl key, Shift key, and the very important the Function key(F1 to F12).

So let us talk about F1 to F12 firstly. These function key have the verity of different uses or sometimes not use at all. Combining the function keys with Alt or Ctrl we can easily manage some of the software programs currently open can change easily via using these keys.

  • F1

It is mostly used as the help key. When we press this shortcut the help center will open for the currently open program.

The combination of F1+  Miscrosoft Windpow Help and Support Center for convient use.would open the Microsoft Windows Help and Support Center for convenient use.

  • F2

ctrl+alt   is use for open the new document in Microsoft word.

ctrl+ F2 shows the print preview of Microsoft word document.

  • F3

In Ms. Dos or Window, Command F3 repeats the last command.

shift+ F3 changes the text from upper case to lower case in Microsoft word.

  • F4

Repeat the last action which recently perform but only in word 2000 and +.

alt+ F4 closes the currently active window.

  • F5

F5 key is use to refresh internet explorer’s activated page.

It opens Find, Go to and replace a window in Microsoft word.

Use to start a slideshow in Powerpoint.

  • F6

It’s an important function that it moves the cursor to the address bar in Network browser like Google, Mozilla etc.

ctrl+shift  + F6 opens another open Microsoft word document.

  • F7

It mostly uses for grammar check and spelling check purpose.

It turns on caret browsing in Mozilla Firefox only.

  • F8

This key is used to enter the window start up menu and commonly use to get into window’s safe mode

  • F9

It refreshes the document in Microsoft word.

Use to send the received email in Microsoft outlook.

  • F10

It activates the menu bar in Microsoft word.

shift+ F10 uses for open the right click option of a mouse without clicking it.

In Hp and Sony Computer, it uses for the Hidden recovery partition.

  • F11

Uses for entering and exit from full screen in the internet browser.

ctrl+ F11 is used for starting to access the hidden recovery partition

  • F12

It opens Save As option For Microsoft word.

ctrl+ F12 opens the already saved documents in Microsoft word.

ctrl+  shift+ F12 opens the print window in Microsoft word.


So these are the function key now check it out some basic shortcuts for Pc users which will reduce your work time.


  • ctrl+ F for FIND
  • alt +tab is used to cycle between open tabs in your window.
  • ctrl +shift  +tab  is use for reverse the cycle between open tabs in your window.
  • If you are using the internet and have opened lot’s of tabs and wants to move to one to another then you can use  +
  • For selecting whole word  shift  + ctrl+ left or right arrow and for

Select only a few letters  shift  + right or left arrows.

  • For minimize the entire window tabs  Miscrosoft Windpow Help and Support Center for convient use.+ D is used.
  • Miscrosoft Windpow Help and Support Center for convient use. + L for lock your PC in one button presses.



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