Amazing Things you didn’t Know Google Search Can Do

Tue 13 Oct 2015


7:00 pm

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Not only searching infect you can do lots of things using Google search. Most of the people sue Google search everyday but still I am sure that people still don’t know lot’s of tricks which Google has hidden inside.

Here is an overview of some of the interesting, useful and amazing Google search tricks. This will definitely help you and also mesmerized you.

1.   Getting bored has nothing to do? Go to Google images and type “Atari Breakout” hit the enter button and just wait for a game to start.

2.    Are you conscious about your diet and have no exact idea that which food items have how many calories? Then don’t worry Google search is always here to help you. Go to Google search and type your food in which you want to make a comparison using “vs” in between them.

Ex: Pizza vs grill sandwich

3.    Love to play a game online or having crazy to see that how frequently you do work then use “Timer” go in search option and write it and set the time according to you.

4.    You can easily find out the standard distance or exact distance time between two cities by just typing like “Jaipur to Delhi distance” and so on.

5.    Have lunch with friends and struggle to pay the bill then just Google “tip calculator” what is the full cost, the percentage you wants to tip and the number of members.

6.    Sometimes it happens that we have no idea that value of the currency in Indian rupee. Then don’t worry just go to Google search and type like “$100 in rupee”.

7.    Having the problem to pronounce the long digit number like ”199999999999” then go to search option and type for this digit like “199999999999 = English” and see the answer.

8.    By using Google search you can easily solve the geometrical shapes problems like triangle,   circle, rectangle, ellipse, trapezoid etc. just type “solve” in Google search and after solve add shape e.g. “solve trapezoid”



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