LinkedIn launched Job Search app for I-Phones

Mon 23 Jun 2014


6:20 am

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LinkedIn just launched a dedicated app just for job hunting; it’s called LinkedIn Job Search App. It takes everything, job-hunters love about LinkedIn’s existing app and builds on it.

The idea behind this app is to maximize your in between moments, Meaning LinkedIn hopes to you that you will use those times when you are stuck waiting to use the new app to look for a job Search. On the first day who applicants want to apply to job opportunities, they are posted are 10% more likely to land the job, said LinkedIn manager. LinkedIn team says, it went to great lengths to streamline the search experiences, so it is easier than ever to find, research, and apply for the job. New advanced searching options let you filter jobs with greater specifics, including company, job title, location, industry and seniority level.

Today No one in today’s world applies for a job without learning all they can about the company in question, and LinkedIn has put a new feature into the Job Search app to help with this feature, Job seekers want the process to be as easy and smooth as possible. One thing you will not have to worry about is discretion; the company has vowed that nothing you do inside the new app is ever posted to your LinkedIn activity.

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