As soon Samsung smart watch will launch. This Smart watches will work on Google’s android platform but still is not launched. A foreign website has leaked new look of this Smart watch. This new Smart watch is looking enough decent and looks like Samsung gear watch 2. Tizen name is given to the operating system […]

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Moto x

How well if your just hand touch can unlock your phone and except you no one can open phone lock. Till you have seen a loads of ways of unlock the phone of different companies like thumb lock, or many other pattern of lock. But have you seen that a tattoo can unlock your phone? […]

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Social media comity

Sat 16 Aug 2014


8:57 am

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social media

Internet is covering a large media of content that is covering what you should do, what you should consider, and what is in benefit for you to promote your business online. Social media is also support some etiquettes that is good to know. You must refrain from doing some things that may bring negative effects. […]

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Web designing has been an interesting theme to work on it and every day new challenges make this more motivating. Some free EBooks are here that will help web designers to hone their skills in web designing. 1. The elements of typographic style applied to the web This ebook on typography begins tracing with the […]

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To make a better Smartphone Micromax has started to update the version of android kitkat 4.4.2. Company launched this phone in same year with jelly bean. If you want to update your phone with new version then go to notification bar and according to directions of notifications get new version with Wi-Fi connectivity or by […]

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Before going to take a camera it is must to keep remember that what camera you want to purchase like digital camera or DSLR camera that can fulfill your needs. It would be fine if you consider these points. 1. First look on your need that for which purpose you are taking it. If you […]

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google now launcher

Now you can also use Google now launcher although you must have android 4.1 or upper version of its application on your device to use it and this version is now a day available in almost devices. You can download this tool from the Google play store. For a time ego this app is accessible […]

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Photoshop is an ultimate tool that can make fantastic designs for you and for web designers it provides best Photoshop pulgins.  Photoshop plugins not only increase your usability even in the process of Photoshop it is also acceptable that your work is satisfactory expedited. Popular tool of Photoshop are used to create web designs that […]

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map me

Those persons who use Google nexus 5 for them a customized service Google workshop is being ready. With the help of this new tool customers will get chance to make their smart phone with smart designs and make creativity. According to news of media customers can prepare new and creative and attractive wallpaper according to […]

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Virus makes the computers system becomes very slow and even useless also. To avoid this problem a lot of antivirus software’s are available in the market. Little internet antivirus software is also there which you can download and can install and no need to pay money. Malware whites anti malware– malware are type of virus […]

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